I am currently in PhD studies at the University of Sussex Digital Humanities Lab

If you’re looking for a place to start your journey in digital humanities, the University of Sussex Digital Humanities Lab has established itself as an ideal place to be. Founded in 2016, it is one of the leading research centers dedicated to the practice and understanding of digital humanities, with scholars from around the world joining together as they discover and develop digital tools and resources to support their research.

As a current doctoral student in the Digital Humanities Lab, I’m taking part in some of the fantastic research opportunities available here. From projects exploring how digital technologies can be used to advance scholarly works such as Critical Discourse Analysis and Digital Text Mining, to exploring the application of 3D printing for archaeological hardware, we investigate a range of topics and themes which explore the bounds set by digital humanities.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to our studies, delving into a wealth of topics from history, computing, software development and archaeology. We are deeply connected with other academic departments at Sussex such has Media, Film and Cultural Studies; Education; Business, Innovation and Skills; Philosophy; History; and more. This connection enables a strong collaborative environment where we can draw on the expertise across different subject areas to enhance our studies.

The digital technologies offered here are diverse and state-of-the-art. We have access to high quality 3D printing capabilities which include industrial grade machines with advanced materials. HDR and 4K Video displays allow us to explore tiny details, while motion capture systems help us record motion data that can be used for replay within 3D environments.

With conferences cropped up every year, I’ve had the chance to regularly present my work and make new contacts with professionals working in many relevant fields. I’m very pleased with all the value that this experience has added to my journey so far. With a supportive environment throughout my studies and an ever evolving network, I’m confident that I made the right choice when deciding on the University of Sussex Digital Humanities Lab for my PhD studies.

Welcome to the University of Sussex Digital Humanities Lab, where I’m currently completing my PhD studies!

I’m excited and fascinated by the interdisciplinary nature of Digital Humanities, which embraces all things digital. From coding and statistical analysis to web design and more, the Digital Humanities Lab focuses on combining disciplines, like history and geography, to provide interesting perspectives for understanding our world. We also examine how technology can support scholarship and give insight into the past.

My current research focuses on the democratization of knowledge within the digital age. I’m curious about the implications of making vast amounts of information more accessible to the public. What impact does it have on intellectual discourse and how can we use it to further our understanding of the world?

During my time at the Digital Humanities Lab, I’ve had opportunities to develop projects which bring together different subjects in innovative ways. The lab feels like a strong community where everyone is passionate about exploring new ideas and challenging existing knowledge. It’s been a rewarding experience studying among a diverse cohort of researchers with different backgrounds, skillsets and opinions.

Great strides are being made in data science and visualization tools; ultimately these advances make it easier to understand complex connections between cultures, economies and society at large. My goal is to gain further experience in this exciting field by exploring how information can empower people with new knowledge.

Thank you for reading my blog post – please bear with me as I transition from student to scholar!

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