Workshop series: Cultural Heritage Remixjam

Tate Britain Digital Studio x Mozilla

Culture x Jam x Remix was a pilot project between Mozilla and Tate Digital Learning to develop a platform of shared knowledge through workshops and curriculum that combined open source making methods, the arts and digital literacy pedagogies. Using various co-creation methods, we explored linkages between cultural heritage and technology throughout 2013-14.

We believed that the open web was presenting cultural heritage institutions with unprecedented opportunities to engage global audiences and make their collections more discoverable than ever before, so we put together a participatory design workshop series called the Cultural Heritage Remixjam to share a set of open tools with the TATE’s Gallery Collectives that had the potential to engage new audiences with the museum’s online collections.

Based on the success of this workshop, the Tate’s Luca Damiani and myself built the remixable Cultural Heritage Remixjam  teaching kit to share the curriculum and tools we had used with other educators who wanted to build capacity within their institutions for similar programmes.

The kit has inspired a series of like-minded remix projects at other museums around the world, including the MoMa and the Portland Art Museum.