Guest Lecture: University of Victoria

Hacking the gallery: Moving GLAMs from consumption to creation

While I was living in Canada, I was asked to deliver a guest lecture for an undergraduate course at the University of Victoria called “Museums, Collections & Communities”. The lecture explored the potential for hacker and maker methods to be implemented in galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMs) in order to foster higher levels of engagement for nontraditional audiences. 

“It is no secret in the museum and gallery industry that the hardest target market to bring in through the gallery doors is younger people; young people who often see little connection with sterile gallery spaces and to exhibitions that do not engage with their developing world beliefs and social awareness,” writes course lecturer Jennifer Robinson about the lecture. “This is something highlighted wonderfully in the presentation and the remix activity, which connected perfectly to major topics we visited as a class through the course on museum ethics, education, technology, and virtual gallery spaces - all of them very present in museum academic literature and newly developing institutional policies.”

Lecture slides are available here.