Workshop: Finland’s first open knowledge meetup

Aalto University School of Economics

In this article published by the Pardon my Finn blog with the Finnish Institute in London, I outlined the unique experience of helping facilitate the first open knowledge meetup in Helsinki with a global team of leaders who later organised the world’s first Open Knowledge Festival with me in Helsinki. With over 80 Finns in attendance, the event was a special one that lead to the creation of a very strong local community around open data.

“Last month in Helsinki, four Finns, a Russian and a Canadian huddled anxiously around a desk at Aalto University’s School of Economics with a fleet of glowing laptops, finishing last-minute prep for the first Open Knowledge Finland meetup and hoping a few brave souls would show up. A few hours, a full room of participants and many intriguing discussions later, I stopped in the midst of a conversation to reflect upon the inspiring Finns around me - and I realised I had witnessed the start of a movement.”