Talks, interviews + workshops


Guest lecture (forthcoming June 2019): ‘Hacking the museum?’, Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Medienwissenschaft / Dept of Musicology-Media Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin
Talk (forthcoming June 2019): 'Hacking the museum?’, Space and Power, Forschungswerkstatt Kritische Geographie / Critical Geography Workshop Berlin
Public lecture: ‘Hacking the museum?’, May 2019, ‘Critical thinking with and about the digital’ series, Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College, London
Talk: ‘Making in 2030?’, Sustainable Innovation 2019, London
Panel discussant: ‘Makers as a market’, Making It!? 2018, Liverpool
Paper presentation: Temporary techno-social gatherings?, EVA 2018, London
Panel discussant: 那些创造世界的人 | Those who ‘make’ the world,  Chengdu, China
Guest lecture x 6: Critical making as... series, Kings College London     
Paper presentation: Power geometries in new territories, AoIR 2017, Estonia
Panel discussant: Who is the digital revolution for?, Brighton Digital Festival
Guest lecture: From theory to making, Royal College of Art
Panel discussant: Whose industrial revolution? 4S/EASST Barcelona
Talk: Two of many futures of making, Maker Assembly Northern Ireland
Guest lecture: Open source in the gallery, University of the Arts London
Panel discussant: From mechanical arts to making, SHOT Singapore
Keynote: The seven faces of open design, LibreGraphics Madrid
Panel discussant: Get more women on board, Campus Party Berlin
Guest lecture: Hacking the gallery, University of Victoria Canada
Roundtable: Digital/ physical spaces, SPRU, University of Sussex
Talk: An open knowledge festival, Free City Estonia
Talk: She-hackers, Chaos Communication Camp Germany
Guest lecture: Open data in Greece, Aristotle University Greece
Panel discussant: Transparency and inclusion, NextGen London


Travel scholarship winner for 2017, Association of Internet Researchers
La Aventura de sabar: LibreGraphics, RTVE News Madrid
Making the difference: Lady hackers, BBC Radio Outriders 
Open is the new digital: Making the Open Book, JISC
Online community facilitation, Canada’s World documentary
Young people and open source, The List, Slice TV

Workshops facilitated

Speculative Universes x Korean Ceramics, British Museum, London
Design x Archaeology x Mashup, ArtScience Museum, Singapore
Spacehacker x Digital Artist Show & Tell, Tate Britain, London
Cultural Heritage Remixjam, Tate, London
Young Digital Makers, Nesta, London
Hacking #opendata for communities, Re:Publica, Berlin
Finland’s first open knowledge meetup, Finnish Institute, Helsinki
Remixing new media and culture, Changecamp, Vancouver