Selected projects


British Council Living Research: Exploring maker cultures in China
Shùjùxiàn 數據線: Drinking from the data-line in China
Critical Making As: Lecture series for King's College London
Space, Gather, Make: An exhibit on global makerspaces at Tate
The Open Book: A community anthology of open knowledge
Machine Ghosts of Brighton: A psychogeography tour with a twist


Food & Code: A new MA Design Products course for the RCA
RE:CULTUR Workshop Series: Critical making at cultural institutions
UNBOUND Global: Exploring new global identities, creatively
Digital Studio Remix: A design research residency at Tate
Open Design & Hardware: Convening a global network of makers
Teaching the Web, on Paper: A digital curriculum pack for Mozilla
Cultural Heritage Remixjam: Exploring peer production at Tate
An Art & Culture Minizine?: Designing for the 2014 Mozilla Festival


Haunted Random Forest: Unveiling hidden machines in Brighton
Open Knowledge Festival: Inviting 1,000 practitioners to Helsinki  
Art and Culture of the Web: A track for the 2014 Mozilla Festival
Build and Teach the Web: A track for the 2013 Mozilla Festival
Open Data London: An open access salon series for London 
Open Government Data Camp: A new conference in Warsaw
Foreign Policy Camp: Vancouver's first policy unconference
Remixology: A digital media event series in Vancouver
Fresh Media Olympics: Celebrating grassroots media in Vancouver