The Open Book

A community anthology of open knowledge 

The Open Book was a crowdsourced publication about open knowledge movements around the world which I edited with Jussi Nissilä and Timo Vuorikivi. It was published in 2013 by the Finnish Institute in London as Part 3 of its Reaktio Series. In this book, we explored the social and technological manifestations of the global movements for ‘openness’ that had started to emerge since the early 2000s, which ranged from ‘open science’ to ‘open design’ and ‘open access’. I also designed the web interface that accompanied the book’s launch in London, which featured an interactive ‘Evolution of Open Knowledge’ timeline built with the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Timeliner.js codebase, which allowed users to easily add their own historical items to the timeline. We also worked with public domain images and open typefaces to evoke the book’s grassroots origins.