RE:CULTUR workshop series

Remixing the humanities through making

This is an ongoing series of creative, hands-on workshops I facilitate in collaboration with cultural institutions that ask participants to unearth neglected artefacts and spirits from cultural collections through creative, hands-on digital making activities. By bringing together design research and critical making methods,  sessions mash-up the digital and physical in unexpected ways, while also giving institutions opportunities to experiment with open source tools.


Machine Learning with Forgotten Artefacts -  Wellcome Collection Open Platform series, London (in progress)

Speculative Universes x Korean Ceramics - British Museum Future Makers series, London

Design x Archeology x Mashup - Society for the History of Technologies and ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Cultural Heritage Remix Jam - Tate Britain, London

Machine Ghosts Tour - Sussex Humanities Lab, Brighton

Spacehacker - Tate Britain Digital Artist Show & Tell series, London