#OpenDataLDN salon series

London, 2011

In 2011, a group of Open Knowledge Foundation colleagues and I started organising a series of community salons in London called #OpenDataLDN, in an aim to give Londoners the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse network of open data and free culture enthusiasts from different backgrounds, from open access to science to international development to local government.

Each salon packed our venue space at the Centre for Creative Collaboration, but it wasn’t until the third #OpenDataLDN salon with over 80 participants that we really experienced the start of a community. Invited speakers for this series included Wikimedia’s Oliver Keyes, the UK National Archives’ Jo Pugh, Open Data Manchester’s Julian Todd, the University of Westminster’s Kevin Carter and Prism’s Keiichi Matsuda.

Article excerpt: “Walking around the space, I was impressed by the diversity of backgrounds and skill-sets represented in each group. With economists talking to artists and government representatives, and public domain enthusiasts discussing transport with open aid advocates and scientists, it seemed everyone present had something interesting to add. By the end of the night there was an infectious feeling of positivity and mutual respect in the air that carried on to the pub afterward as people continued to jam on ideas and schemed about new collaborations.”