Open Design & Hardware

Convening a global network of makers

Open Design & Hardware was a global network of makers and thinkers who wanted to build a community of practice around open design and open hardware across disciplines, from product design to architecture, digital design to physical art-making. The network was founded in 2012 in collaboration with the Open Knowledge Foundation in the U.K. and the Aalto University Media Factory in Finland. Notable projects included hosting the first-ever Open Design, Hardware and Fabrication track at the Open Knowledge Festival 2012 in Helsinki, releasing v0.1 of the new Open Design Definition through Github, launching a series of hands-on open design workshops across Europe, supporting the launch of the Public Domain Remix competition in France, and discussing open deisgn and hardware methods and practices at LibreGraphics Meeting 2013 Madrid and FREE CITY 2012 Tallinn. As part of the network’s founding group from 2012-2015, I designed and maintained its presence on the web, from its website to Twitter.