Cultural Heritage Remixjam

Exploring peer production at Tate

‘Cultural Heritage Remixjam’ was a pilot project that was launched by myself and collaborators at the Mozilla Foundation and Tate Digital Learning, and in particular the artist Luca Damiani, who wanted to develop new methods for knowledge-sharing around digital peer production practices in museum settings. By experimenting with open source tools and critical making methods between 2013-2014, we were able to explore new pedagogies that combined cultural collections and digital platforms. Outputs included a design research workshop series that explored open source tools with Tate’s Gallery Collectives group, and a customised ‘teaching kit’ for the use of museum educators that featured hands-on activities for different kinds of learners. These fruitful collaborations inspired me to propose my doctoral research on makerspaces in museums, and the teaching kit also inspired many new remix activities and community projects at other museums around the world, from MoMA to the Portland Art Museum.