Critical making as...

A four part digital lecture series for King’s College London 

This was a four-part digital lecture series which introduced critical approaches to the study of making that I built for the King's College Digital Humanities Level 7 course "Making in the connected world" convened by Prof. Graeme Earl.

Lectures created for the course included "Making as cultural hegemony", "Critical making as counter-hegemony", "Making and spatiality", and "Disobedient making as decolonization". 

All lectures have been built in a webinar-style format and include a hands-on participatory activity. They are also open access and modular, so they can fit different kinds of OER (Open Educational Resource) formats and settings. Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to use them in a course!

Lecture series feedback: "This has been a wonderful journey for both me and my students [...] it has had a big impact both on my thinking and in turn on my conceptualisation of this course and its issues."