Let’s make a Minizine!

Tactical designs at Mozilla Festival

art of web minizine mini zine creation
website versionsAs one of the curators of the Mozilla Festival’s first-ever Art & Culture of the Web track in 2014, I designed a series of digital and print materials to represent the creative, grassroots spirit of the communities who brought the track to life. These included a Call for Submissions on Tumblr which went viral, with over 10,000 views in its first 24 hours. We also designed a printable mini-zine, inspired by the pamphlets of 1990s hacker and rave cultures, which could be easily printed, copied, asssembled and distributed by anyone who wanted to get involved in the track’s activities during the festival. From the track’s Call for Submissions: “As the internet becomes increasingly ubiquitous around the world, more and more web users are making the transition from consumers to creators, merging art, technology and networks to build new and surprising digital art forms with unprecedented, democratizing and radical results. What might the combination of these experiments in theory, code and creativity – a practice we refer to as “networked art 5.0”, inspired by early net.art manifestos, mean for cultural heritage organisations, artists, technologists, curators and consumers?”