Kat Braybrooke is a sociotechnical researcher and community designer whose work explores the politics of creative digital practices, with a focus on makerspaces, social justice and human-nature relations. 🦎📱

Other than ✨cyberspace, she has called Las Vegas 🌵, Vancouver🌲, London💸 and Oxford🕯 home, and has spent the past decade working with social justice and third-sector organisations including Mozilla, the Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Media, Oxfam, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Aalto University Fablab, UK Parliament, and the Liu Centre for Global Issues to enable greater digital access for marginalised groups through open source production. Her work has been featured on BBC, Guardian, DAZED, Rabble, Furtherfield and The Tyee.

Kat received a MSc Digital Anthropology (Distinction) in 2011 from University College London for “She-Hackers”, an ethnographic study of gender identity issues amongst F/LOSS (Free, Libre, Open Source Software) hackers under the age of 30. She is in the final stage of submitting her doctorate thesis at the University of Sussex Humanities Lab, for which she conducted a year-long ethnography that explores power relations at the first collections makerspaces that have opened within cultural institutions like Tate and the British Museum in London, addressing how they are produced, enacted and imagined.💎

Kat also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Peer Production, is a co-founder of the Open Design and Hardware Network and an enthusiast of dance music cultures that aim to empower🏮 .

To collaborate, get in touch via email or Twitter. 🎏