RE:CULTUR  series: Humanities + making
FOOD+CODE: A new MA Design course at the RCA
Journal of Peer Production Special Issue #12
Machine Ghosts of Brighton tour
UNBOUND Global, Space Studios
Cultural Heritage Remix Jam, Tate
Lo-Fi, No-Fi! Teaching Kit, Mozilla, 2014
Net Neutrality Teaching Kit, Mozilla, 2014 (featured in MIT Press)


Haunted Random Forest Festival, Brighton
Art + Culture of the Web track, Mozilla Festival, London
Hive Digital Learning Pop-up, Vancouver Public Library
The world’s first open knowledge festival, Helsinki
Build + Teach the Web track, Mozilla Festival, London
Maker Education Meetup series, Vancouver
#OpenDataLDN salon series, London
Finland’s first open knowledge meetup
Open Government Data Camp, Warsaw
Remixology salon series, Vancouver
Foreign Policy Camp, Vancouver
Fresh Media x Olympics, Vancouver