Kat Braybrooke is a digital anthropologist🔮, designer and curator whose work examines the implications of digital making practices, in particular the links between culture, grassroots communities and inclusivity.

Other than ✨cyberspace, she hails from Las Vegas 🌵, Vancouver🌲 and now London💸, where she has spent the past decade working for social justice initiatives and cause-based organizations including Mozilla, the Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Media, Oxfam, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Aalto University Fablab, UK Parliament, and the Liu Centre for Global Issues to enable the marginalised to co-create new worlds through creative, open methods. Her work has been featured in the BBC, the Guardian, DAZED, Rabble, Furtherfield and The Tyee.

Kat is currently in the last year of her PhD the University of Sussex Humanities Lab, where she has conducted an ethnography of user experiences and power geometries in the Doreen Massey sense at collections makerspaces, sites for digital making and learning 🎨  within cultural institutions in London, including the Tate and the British Museum. In 2011, she received a MSc Digital Anthropology (Distinction) from UCL for “She-Hackers”, an ethnography that explored gender identity issues alongside 30 young F/LOSS hackers across Europe.💎

Kat also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Peer Production, is a co-founder of the Open Design and Hardware Network, a regular speaker and workshop facilitator at open technology gatherings, and an enthusiast of any place in London that dares to play loud, beautiful drone techno to fight structural violences deep into the night🏮🎉 .

To discuss a collaboration or speaking engagement, please get in touch via email or Twitter. 🎏